Anymore for Anymore? An Undeserved Tribute to Chopper

by Various Artists



From the album "Anymore for Anymore? An Undeserved Tribute to Chopper" (2CD) available through us at gigs or via FIXING A HOLE RECORDS (Japan).


released April 1, 2014

Recorded by Matt Johnson at Suburban Home Studios in Leeds (




Get Human Leeds, UK

Jack, Rich, Brendan and Toby (and Georgiana but she lives in Australia now so she's missed a few practises)

25% of us are from Yorkshire, 0% of us were born in Leeds. 75% of us are left-handed, 100% of us can play bass, 25% of us are vegan, 50% are vegetarian, 75% of us are tee-total, 75% of us are tattooed, 50% can play the trumpet. 75% live with a cat, 25% of us wished they lived with a cat.
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